If you feel that your marriage has deteriorated beyond the point of possible reconciliation, you need skilled and compassionate advice. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of ending your marriage – especially if you weren’t expecting it. It’s vital to try and remain as objective as possible about the situation and refrain from making costly mistakes that may negatively impact your life for years to come.

Just as it is vital to know what to expect from and what to do during the divorce process, it is equally important to know what you should not do in an Oklahoma City, OK divorce. Consider the following information so you can better prepare yourself for the difficult legal proceedings you are likely to encounter in your divorce case.

Do Not Be Spiteful

Even if you and your ex have deep personal issues between the two of you, do not allow your grievance to overcome your objective needs and practical goals for your divorce. Divorce is an emotional issue, and unfortunately, many people allow resentment and grief to drive them toward making costly mistakes. For example, you may want to teach your soon-to-be ex-spouse a lesson by raking them over the coals in a protracted court battle, but this is likely to be more costly to you than it is to them. You should strive for efficiency and the shortest route to a resolution in a divorce.

If you are having trouble maintaining objectivity due to the emotionally charged issues pertaining to your divorce case, reach out to an experienced attorney who has a solid track record of successful divorce representation. A legal professional is a tremendous resource for anyone having trouble remaining objective about their legal situation. Your attorney can handle the bulk of your legal affairs on your behalf so you can have peace of mind as your divorce case unfolds.

Do Not Talk About Your Divorce Publicly

Whether your divorce has come as a shock or it’s been a possibility bubbling under the surface of your marriage for several years, when you and your spouse have finally reached the point of filing for divorce, it’s natural to want to seek comfort, help, and advice from friends and loved ones. This is perfectly acceptable in most cases, as long as it is done privately. Refrain from speaking about your ex or your divorce in any public fashion, especially on social media.

Most attorneys recommend their clients refrain from social media as much as possible during any kind of active court case. Anything posted to social media is potentially accessible to the public. Anything you post online could potentially work against you in your divorce case. It’s generally best to stick to passive social media use during divorce and wait until you have your divorce decree in hand before you begin posting anything again.

Don’t Interfere With Your Spouse’s Relationships With Your Kids

One of the most difficult aspects of divorcing when you have children is confronting the idea of deciding on child custody and child support. It’s natural for parents to want the greatest custody rights they can possibly secure, but they should not seek this to the detriment of their co-parent. Whatever personal issues exist between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse, there is no reason to drag your children into the middle of them, and you should certainly refrain from attempting to turn your children to “your side” of the dispute. This could damage your relationships with them in the future. Depending on how you go about it, you could face legal consequences as well.

Don’t Hide Assets

While the thought of dividing your marital property with a spouse who has wronged you may frustrate you immensely, do not think that you should attempt to hide your assets to prevent their division in divorce proceedings. If you do, your activities are very likely to come to light in the near future. Your spouse’s attorney could hire a forensic accountant or other expert witness to review both of your financial records and ensure full transparency in property division. Once discovered, any obfuscation of financial records will surely come back to haunt you and may leave you liable for back payment of child support and/or alimony as well as criminal penalties.

It’s vital to be as honest and accurate in your financial disclosure as you possibly can.  If you are unsure of how to obtain the financial records you need to produce, consult with your attorney. They can provide the professional guidance you need. Submitting your financial disclosure with confidence that it is as complete and accurate as possible is one of the best ways to protect yourself after divorce. No matter what your spouse does in terms of financial disclosure, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have been honest and transparent in your own financial disclosure.

Don’t Try to Handle Divorce Alone

Perhaps the worst mistake anyone can make when preparing to divorce is to overlook the value of legal counsel during divorce proceedings. No matter how amicable you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are toward one another, there is no reason for you to try and handle divorce proceedings without legal counsel.

An experienced Oklahoma City, OK divorce attorney can help you prepare for every stage of the divorce process, handle many of the procedural requirements of your case, and ultimately guide you to the best possible outcome. They can help you address the unique and complex factors in play in your divorce, provide you with supportive resources that may help you transition more smoothly to post-divorce life, explore alternative dispute resolution, and help you address unexpected issues that may arise during your divorce proceedings.

Whether you have been preparing to divorce for a long time or your spouse has suddenly ambushed you with a divorce petition, it is vital to seek legal representation as soon as impending divorce becomes a reality for you. Contact an experienced Oklahoma City, OK divorce attorney as soon as possible so they can begin working on your case.