Finding an attorney to assist you with any type of legal matter can feel like an incredible challenge. When it comes to divorce, the emotional stress of the situation can further compound the anxiety and frustration of finding legal counsel. If you are ready to divorce in Oklahoma City, OK, finding the right divorce attorney will make a significant difference in your case’s outcome. It is vital to know how to find an attorney and how to determine whether a potential attorney is the right legal representative for you.

Research Local Divorce Attorneys

Start your search for an Oklahoma City, OK divorce attorney by narrowing down your list of potential legal representatives to some of the most highly rated attorneys in the area. To achieve this, it is wise to take a dual approach. First, check review sites online, then request recommendations from friends, family, and coworkers who have recently had positive experiences with local divorce attorneys. Once you have a list of potential legal representatives, you can further narrow down your options by sorting for free or discounted consultation offers.

Review Potential Attorneys’ Online Records

If you visit any Oklahoma City, OK divorce attorney’s website, you will most likely notice a number of testimonials, client reviews, and case results. However, it is possible that an attorney may only publish the most glowing reviews they receive on their website. Do your best to reconcile the client testimonials and positive reviews by searching through third-party review sites and looking for trends.

For example, you might notice several negative reviews citing issues with the attorney, and this could be an indication that the firm might engage in some dubious practices. On the other hand, you might find even more positive reviews on third-party sites than you do on the attorney’s website. When people have positive experiences with important service providers like divorce attorneys, they tend to want to recommend these professionals to others in no uncertain terms.

Investigate Attorneys During Consultations

A consultation is an initial meeting with a potential attorney. This meeting provides the attorney with the opportunity to gauge the strength of your case while you get the opportunity to gauge the attorney’s suitability to represent you. Before scheduling a consultation, take time to develop a list of specific questions that can help you determine whether the attorney is the right choice for your situation. For example, ask them about their legal philosophy and how they intend to approach your case. This can help you measure the attorney’s confidence in your legal position and ability to seek your best interests.

You should also ask about the attorney’s billing practices and how much it is likely to cost to have them represent you in your divorce. Legal costs are notoriously expensive, and a professional attorney should be honest and transparent about how they intend to bill their time and services. They should also provide you with a rough estimate of the time your case will require before it reaches a conclusion, another important metric you need to gauge your potential legal expenses.

Determine the Attorney’s Interpretation of Your Best Approach

It is almost always preferable to explore alternative dispute resolution when you are pursuing divorce. The litigation process can take a very long time to conclude, and the result is almost entirely out of your hands, unlike mediation. Additionally, litigation becomes public record, so if there are sensitive issues you would prefer to keep out of public view, mediation is often the better option.

Most modern divorce attorneys strongly encourage their clients to take advantage of alternative dispute resolution. This saves time, money, and stress for everyone involved, including the attorney. If an attorney encourages you to consider mediation, this is a good indication that they have your best interests in mind during a very difficult process.

Ask the Attorney What to Expect From Their Legal Counsel

When you hire an Oklahoma City, OK divorce attorney to represent you, you should be able to contact them for updates on your case and get answers regarding how often you should expect them to reach out to you with new information. To help, a good attorney should provide multiple methods of contact and responsive communication when you need updates. Keep in mind that most attorneys handle several cases at a time but should manage reasonable caseloads to provide each client with as much personal attention as possible. Before you hire an attorney, make sure you understand what level of communication you should expect.

Follow Your Instincts

Ultimately, there could be several Oklahoma City, OK divorce lawyers capable of providing you with high-quality legal representation in your divorce. Do not let yourself become consumed with the idea of finding the “best” attorney. Instead, do your due diligence and research a few potential candidates. Then, narrow down your choices until you find the attorney who makes you feel the most confident about your legal options.
Building a strong rapport with a reliable Oklahoma City, OK divorce attorney can also serve you well in the long run. No matter what your divorce case entails, there is a chance you will need to revisit your court order at a later date to address recent changes in your life. Having an attorney who is already familiar with your case is a great asset in the event that you need to file a post-judgment motion for modification of your family court order.

Find the Right Oklahoma City, OK Divorce Lawyer for You

Divorce is rarely an easy or relaxing experience to undertake and is stressful on some level for everyone who undergoes the divorce process. Taking the time to find the right Oklahoma City, OK divorce lawyer to represent you will reduce your stress and ensure you are pursuing your best interests. Begin by looking for local divorce attorneys with solid professional records and develop specific questions to ask them about your case. Preparing in this fashion is one of the best ways to ensure you secure high-quality legal counsel in your divorce.